Jpeg Resampler XE

Resize many pictures quickly and easily to reduce storage space, size of email attachments or to share them on the Internet. Jpeg Resampler is the world's fastest and most intuitive multiple image and photo resampler with over 1 million downloads.

Latest updates
Jpeg Resampler XE (zip) (28.10.2021)
Jpeg Resampler 2010 vs 6.3 (portable) (28.10.2021)
Jpeg Resampler XE (install) (28.10.2021)
Jpeg Resampler 2010 (zipped) (28.10.2021)
Jpeg Resampler 2010 (install) (28.10.2021)
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Why Resize Images?

Digital cameras produce very large images but a typical user needs to email them or share them easily and quickly. To be able to do that the filesize of the images needs to be reduced first.


Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 a 2008, both 32-bit and 64-bit systems supported

Why Jpeg Resampler?

Jpeg Resampler is a very intuitive tool suitable even for inexperienced users. However, for more advanced users it offers a wide portfolio of graphical functions, filters and effects, EXIF manipulation, GPS/GPX support and watermarks. Supported formats: BMP, JPG, PNG, JP2, JNG, GIF, TIF, PSD and more. Jpeg Resampler is FREE for non-commercial use.